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Opportunities to Address Climate Change in NJ

Opportunities to Address Climate Change in New Jersey

The New Jersey Adaptation Alliance has developed a series of resources related to Opportunities for Addressing Climate Change in New Jersey, a key theme of its September 2017 conference Climate Change Policy in New Jersey. These resources include:

The video: There are benefits to addressing climate change beyond reducing greenhouse gases.

The video: Addressing climate change is a monumental opportunity. 

The video: Economic development and environmental protection can happen hand in hand.

The video: Climate change is a problem we can solve.

The videoNJ can make a difference

The video: Municipalities are the front lines of climate change

The video: We can improve the well-being of vulnerable communities in New Jersey

An infographic to explain NJ's climate change impacts, greenhouse gas emissions sources, status on emissions reductions, progress to meeting state goals, and policy options available to New Jersey. This infographic is based on the report An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in New Jersey.

GHG Infographic THUMBNAIL.jpg

Support has been provided by the Energy Foundation, Fund for New Jersey, New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Rutgers Climate Institute.