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Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Here are some quick links to resources related to Hurricane Sandy including Response and Recovery

Reports from a team of researchers on the social well-being and health impacts following Superstorm Sandy released by a team of researchers from Rutgers, Columbia, NYU, and Colorado State University.
The Hurricane Sandy Person Report: Disaster Exposure, Health Impacts, Economic Burden, and Social Well-Being.
The Hurricane Sandy Place Report: Evacuation Decisions, Housing Issues and Sense of Community.

President Obama's Sandy Task Force Infrastructure Resilience Guidelines Webinar Available on Youtube. Released by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in December 2013, this webinar features experts from the President's Sandy Task Force discussing federal Sandy rebuilding projects and programs and Infrastructure Resilience Guidelines recommended in the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy.

FEMA P-942, the Mitigation Assessment Team Report: Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York released November 2013. This report documents key damages from field observations post and presents conclusions and recommendations regarding key engineering concepts, codes and standards, mitigation measures and considerations that can be used in the planning and recovery process to help minimize future damage to structures and their related utility systems.

US Geological Survey Hurricane Sandy Science Plans.
Meeting the Science Needs of the Nation in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy. Available here.
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan- New York
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan - Coastal Impacts Assessment
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan - Impacts of Environmental Quality and Persisting Contaminant Exposure
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan - Impacts of Storm Surge, Including Disturbed Estuarine and Bay Hydrology
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan - Impacts to Coastal Ecosystems, Habitats, and Fish and Wildlife
Hurricane Sandy Science Plan - Coastal Topographic and Bathymetric Data to Support Hurricane Impact Assessment and Response

NJ Department of Community Affairs is accepting grant applications for Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation; and Homeowner Resettlement. For more information click here.

See a pdf presentation of before and after Hurricane Sandy images compiled by Rutgers University Professors Ken Miller and James Browning

Read a Q & A about Hurricane Sandy, Climate Change and Extreme Weather with Rutgers Professor Ken Miller

NJ Hurricane Sandy Information Center

NJ Office of Emergency Management

Federal Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force

FEMA’s Flood Hazard Maps for New Jersey

NJ Recovery Fund

NJ Association for Floodplain Management

Read the perspectives piece on rebuilding and lessons learned by NJCAA Honorary Chairpersons Governors James J. Florio and Thomas H. Kean in the November 18, 2012 Newark Star-Ledger.