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New Jersey Climate Adaptation Directory

Climate change will create many challenges in New Jersey, but understanding the science and projecting the impacts of climate change allows communities to be proactive in planning for the future. The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Directory was created to provide resources that assist in guiding practitioners in New Jersey through the adaptation planning process.

This directory brings together geographic data, tools, reports, model policies and ordinances, case studies, and current projects focused on evaluating vulnerabilities and developing and implementing climate change adaptation plans and strategies. The resources included are aimed at professionals in a range of fields, including but not limited to infrastructure, public health, emergency management, hazard mitigation, natural resources, economic development, agriculture, and land use planning.

Please feel free to recommend additional resources for inclusion in the directory, to submit a project that your organization is working on for inclusion in the directory, or to point out a data gap or need. Documents and information should be focused on climate impacts in New Jersey (at a local, regional, or statewide scale) or the Northeast region. However, resources demonstrating strategies and best practices implemented in other places (such as case studies and model policies) are also welcome. In general, the following criteria should be used as a guide to determine whether resources are eligible for inclusion:

  • Is it related to or useful for climate adaptation?
    • Basic information such as data layers and general information about climate change projections and impacts are acceptable.
    • Goal is to focus on documents and data sources addressing climate change adaptation, preparedness, and resiliency that can be useful for New Jersey practitioners.
    • Consider whether the resource fits into these targeted sectors: built environment (transportation, utilities, and buildings), natural resources, water resources, public health, agriculture, coastal communities, vulnerable populations, or emergency management.
  • Who is the document produced by?
    • State, national, or local government or agency: Acceptable
    • Peer-reviewed academic/university source: Acceptable
    • Non-profit organization: Grey literature from non-profits and groups with an advocacy mission are to be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the document provides citations and references to peer-reviewed documents that are publicly available, it is likely acceptable.
  • What is the intent of the document?
    • Is it intended to share knowledge or research? Acceptable
    • Is it intended to sway the reader for commercial or political purposes? Not acceptable.

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The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Directory is the result of a partnership between the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance, Regional Plan Association, the Clean Air-Cool Planet Fellowship Program and the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library. We gratefully acknowledge the support of James Gallagher, PhD, of the Gallagher Family Legacy Fund, and other supporters who made this project possible. 


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